>New Beginnings…

>Today I left one adventure, only to begin a brand- new journey.  Some of you might have followed my past adventure of living up in Canada’s Arctic, some of you might not have.  It was with mixed feelings that I left.  I was sad to leave so many good people, friends, and a wonderful community–yet I was thrilled with starting a new adventure and well doing my “dream job”.  Before you ask? What is that job… well I’m not going to tell you… This blog isn’t to talk about my job, but more about my experiences. A place for me to share some photos…and perhaps tell a funny story or two (hopefully they are funny to you)…about my ackward situations that I sometimes find myself in.

This new adventure…it brings me to Winnipeg.  A city that I’ve been to twice in my life–once for the interview earlier this month for a 20hour visit…and then there was the first time!  Let me share this little story.  The fall I started grade 8 I drove across Canada with my grandparents and brothers…we stopped in Winnipeg.  I remember doing a tour of the legislative building…seeing the “Golden Boy”…and having a great time, walking around the halls of the building. But the thing I remember the most.. is my Grandpa turning the wrong way out of the parking lot on a one way street… and cars honking at him…and us in the back seat… going… “wrong way, fix it Grandpa” and well then getting told to “be quiet” in a firm way…and silence that lasted until we were safely back on the highway leaving Winnipeg. Let’s just hope I don’t turn the wrong way on any one way streets! (to my grandpa’s defense–it was clearly marked, and well there was no traffic until like all of a sudden!)

I arrived at the airport at 11:33pm… by the time I collected all bags(there were 5 pieces of luggage!) made my way to the airport hotel(after balancing all 5 pieces on one of those really tiny airport luggage carts…oh yes.. I have mad skills–So should have taken a photo of that…but well after travelling for more than 12 hours… it somehow slipped my brain.).  I checked in and headed to my room.  It was 11:58pm when I walked in.

I think it was very fitting that I arrived on midnight–ready to start a new year, new province, new city, new job, new apartment, new car, new phone, new decade(year and of life)…hmmm so many new things! Let’s just hope that all the “new” won’t overwhelm me.. and stress me out too much… we’ll have to wait and see how this all did unfold.  For now I’m going to sign off and well I’ll let you know how this ‘new’ plan unfolds!

About SarahontheRoad

This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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