>Day 2 & 3…

>The run down….

Saw four apartments….(that makes 5 in total)

Exhibit A:

  • Just off an an easy route to get to work
  • This is NOT in my area that I wanted to ‘live-in’
  • there was carpet…and it wasn’t really ‘clean’ carpet
  • there was a pool…(outdoor)
  • it was on the first floor….(so patio area) (but not very private)
  • very OLD applicances–not as old as my Toronto ones, but still pretty old

Exhibit B:

  •  Shiny, hardwood floors…sparkling in the sun!
  • balcony that over looked the river, where soon the ‘river’ walk will start–which is a huge open ice skating spot!
  • parking available
  • a 7month sublet
  • in an out of the way area, in the hood I want to be in, (out of the way in a good way)

Exhibit C:

  • A condo downtown
  • …carpet again
  • HUGE balcony, literally you could ‘bowl’ on it.. it’s that big!
  • neat kitchen with a ‘breakfast’ bar
  • bathroom, well you have to walk through the bedroom for that?! kind of weird
  • full outdoor pool, indoor hot tub, sauna and gym

Exhibit D:

  • This was a nice place….hard wood floors, lots of cool storage areas
  • clean laundry room
  • Sub-let for 10months
  • parking
  • in the area I wanted to be in
  • huge living/diningroom area

This is going to be a tough choice!  But bring in budget and I have two front-runners…they are BOTH under the ‘same’ agency so I’ll stop off tomorrow and fill out the application.  Hopefully I won’t be ‘homeless’ in the ‘peg much longer!

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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