>Day 13…


So I was walking the LONG walk to my parking lot… yes, I have a 15min walk from my car to MY office… HECK I’m not really complaining… it’s good exercise. And there is interesting things to look at along my walk.. So I basicly enter my workplace through one building…go to the second floor and then walk through this ‘bridge- hallway’ thingy that joins the two buildings… This hallway is pictured above….

Today I was reflecting on my day, and how amazing it was… how it’s been 13 days since coming to Winnipeg I’m doing really great!!! THEN I look at the wall.. at the pipes…. and see well this..  

Apparently I’m walking through the “asbestos” hallway… to get to my car every day… (I know it’s probably all safe and everything… it’s just labelled for everyone knows that there is Asbestos behind those pipes for repairs and such)!!  I stopped and started to laugh out loud..(I kid you not)… I was alone…and the reason you might ask? well I had been walking along this hallway every day since starting… and now on the 13th day of the month I realize I’m walking through the “asbestos” hallway…. It’s a good thing I’m not superstitious!! and 13 is my lucky number!

PS. These photos were taken with my iPhone…(have I mentioned how much I LUV that thing!?)

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