>Introducing Milo….


…yes, I named my car…his name is Milo (M-eye-lo)…yes, there’s a story behind it…and perhaps some day I’ll share it with you.. and maybe I won’t! 
 We made it home from the dealership, safe and sound…but perhaps there were a ‘few’ stalls, I’m not going to say!!  I will have to take some more photos of him, he’s really quite cute! Someone from the dealership took these two photos outside the dealership….
–the boys were all uber cold…but I wanted a photo…and then I looked at them…I look like a geek! I’m not really sure why I have the expession I do on my face—I look really really silly–please ignore that, I think they wanted me to say something like “yahoo new cars?” or something… I was pretty excited about having the car though!!! 🙂 Nothing like driving away with your first car… and praying you wont’ stall it TOO many times.. OR that someone won’t ‘rear-end’ you…. Good times!!!

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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