>Furniture = a Happy girl in Winnipeg!

>FINALLY, I got my furniture from Toronto!! I was soooo UBER excited!!!  I get to sleep in my OWN bed tonight!! SERIOUSLY this is a big deal… you might have remembered my ‘camping’ out in my new place… on the airmattress? Well NO more!!! 🙂

I am so in love with movers—all I had to do was cross off boxes as they came up… (and hope and pray that my things survived 10months in storage, and then the crazy trip from Toronto on a huge truck!)…I didn’t have to ‘lift’ a finger…I can remember some of my moves…. and hauling everything myself… so much easier… …The last load I took a ride down with the two movers, and took some photos of the truck!  
Yes! there was a ‘bit’ of unpacking… all except my books… it seems like I don’t have any book shelves anymore!  I took a couple north to Nunavut and sold them there, and my mum took my desk and the shelf that matches it—Sooooo without an IKEA in Winnipeg…(I’ve heard rumors of it arriving in 2012 and 2014? who really knows)… I have yet to solve the lack of ‘bookshelves’…
And in case you were wondering…. I am SOOOO looking forward to crawling into MY OWN BED!!!…. I sort of need to get bed side tables too…all in good time!!!!
And incase you were wondering…  Winnie the Pooh is still alive in Winnipeg (for how long… I’m not sure…but for now he’s still here…for now!)

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  1. >yahoo – furniture 🙂 !!!re: shelves – what about good ol' bricks & boards??

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