>Laundry 101…

>This morning I was leaving my apartment fairly early… (7:50am) to go to the airport to meet two friends from Pangnirtung—they were flying in and had brought my Canada Goose Parka and my Australia Photos…(ok back to the story!)…

I was waiting at the elevator and I hear this whistling coming from the end of the hall where the laundry room is— I look over… and well I see this guy, walking towards me, with 6 pak abs AND boxers on, barefoot…holding laundry soap….I do this double TAKE…. and the elevator opens… I walk on it and I mumble to myself, “am I still dreaming?” and then as the doors close I hear laughing….

So apparently there’s a guy on my floor that does laundry EARLY in the morning on Saturdays… and apparently does ALL of his clothes, so that he just walks barefoot in the halls in his boxers whistling…

hmmmmmm this apartment living might just have gotten A LOT better!!!

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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