>Love Day….

>So, it’s Valentine’s Day…. a day traditionally I get down on myself, and upset because I’m a single chick…and ask that question… “will I EVER have a Valentine??” but you know what? Today… I didn’t think those things…. at all…. seriously… it’s true…

I thought about the amazing family I have…and how they all luv me very much…. I thought about my many friends, new and old…. even though they are far away… I know that they luv and care about me too!  Today I realized why should I ‘BOY-cott’ a day about Love? I mean…. this world needs a little more if it in the world….

*close to the Arctic Circle…May 2009*

My mum sent me this heart and globe to me… when I was living in Australia 6 years ago… with a note “I’m sending you my heart around the globe to you… my luv is never far away”…ever since then I’ve held them very close to me…and often take photos of me holding them in locations around the world….

So what’s my point? even if you don’t have a ‘significant’ other.. and think that this day is a depressing horrible, no good, very bad day…. Just remember…that luv is out there.. and this world needs a bit more luv in it.. Hapy Valentine’s Day… this goes out to all the ‘singles’ and ‘paired’ up people… I hope you had an awesome day… and shared a bit of love with those that were around you in the world today!

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  1. >Happy Valentines Day! (a little late) We had a great time in Ottawa. I'll put some pics on FB soon.Dana

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