>..crazy Beds…


I have this history of having issues with sleep because of  ‘crazy’ beds…
Exhibit A: At some point in my childhood I graduated from the ‘single’ bed to a double bed… It was the old bed frame from the cottage with a new mattress.  It had real “springs” that sat on the metal frame…but sometimes it didn’t sit so well… and with time and age… it would get ‘knocked’ off… and basicly would dramatically TIP the bed…sometimes it was just the BOTTOM corner.. so your feet tip at a weird angle… but other days it would be one of the top sides… and it would be your HEAD drasticly at an angle… this always seemed to happen at like some crazy hour.. after been sleeping for hours… so what’s a girl to do? well just change her direction in the bed.. (rather than getting up, taking off the blankets/sheets/pillows, pushing that giant mattress off the bed, then wiggling and getting the springs out of the mess that they are in..(often they were wedged and couldn’t come out easily)…and then setting everything back up for sleep… that’s a lot work… so I would do it in the morning.. Or more realistically just before I crawled back into bed for sleep the next night.  My mum got use to the CRASH/BANG coming from my room… I think it happened on a nightly basis for awhile!  I’m just a crazy restless sleeper… my Grandpa the fall before he passed away… helped fix the problem and cut slats to put across the frame so that the springs would sit on them!
Exhibit B:  When I left for university, my mum moved to Georgetown.. and my ‘room’ and  bed… was the NEW pull out couch in the living room… until my adopted Aunt and Uncle got me the ‘crib’..(but that’s another story–and NO it wasn’t a crib.. but it was a daybed–but the bars… man I had so many bruises from banging into those!)…OK so back to the pull out couch… I can say.. that I’ve had a couch ‘eat’ me… yes, it’s true… I was sleeping…. and instead of sleeping on the bed the normal way… feet at bottom, head at the top where the couch back is… in my sleep I decided it was a better option to sleep across the pull-out bed… You know kind of like I was lying on the couch…. and this was very good… until my body weight… tipped the bed up.. and I kind of ‘rolled’ into where the bed is stored… and well the bed started to flatten out again…. (I did call for help… and after stopping laughing at me… my mum and I think my little bro helped save the day)…
This brings me to Exhibit C:
I LUV this bed…. it’s a really cool frame… (here’s a photo from my old apartment in Toronto….) isn’t it pretty?

Last night at 2:43am, (yes I looked at the clock and YES I remembered the time)…this bed decided NOT to be kind to me.  You see this bed and frame was given to me by a friend.. but I think, (I know).. she didn’t give me the middle ‘support’ feet you need to make a ‘split-queen’ box spring work on this guy.. I came up with a ‘fix’ but it doesn’t always work 100%… it’s just a small board that I have wedged under two of the slats… but I really wished I had gotten my little bro to come up with a ‘better’ plan of fix while I lived in Toronto… . so periodically..(all it takes is me rolling over!)… the slats… fall off the rails… BIG HUGE CRASH/BANG! and the ‘split-queen’ box spring makes a V shape.. Last night.. my head happened to be in the bottom of the V when this happened.. and NO I didn’t get up… to fix the bed… just turned over.. so my head was on the TOP end of the V… but then I spend the next 4 hours… sliding down into the ‘hole’ (or bottom of the V)…

Lesson learned.. probably should have fixed the rails…. but then again.. that’s a lot of work.. and well it’s the middle of the night… But I think I need a better solution to my problem.. any suggestions? feel free to comment away!!!  On a side note… I’m so missing my little Bro… bc he would totally have some crafty idea and the tools to implement the plan to fix the problem!

Hmmmm did I just really do a whole post about sleep and beds.. and how I can’t sleep in them properly? yes, yes I think I did…. it’s not my fault I’m just a crazy sleeper! 

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