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Tonight I had the opportunity to go out for a “Bud, Spud and Steak” Event…What is a bud, spud & steak? Just as it sounds, it’s a fundraising dinner where you buy a ticket ($15)..that entitles you to a, um, beer (a.k.a. Bud), potatoes (a.k.a. spud) and some red meat (presumably, steak)…you could also have chicken!  For $1.50 extra I was able to get a salad and mushrooms!   This fundraiser had something to do with work…but still was a lot of fun!
All in all it was a pretty interesting/fun experience!  After the dinner.. there was also a ‘silent auction’… I purchansed $20 worth of tickets…. it was a pretty nifty system… on each sheet there was ONE big ticket (as shown to the RIGHT) and attached to it were ‘tons’ of small ‘mini’ tickets you ripped off and put into the silent auction bags–but they were ALL the SAME number–pretty nifty system!!! 
All my life I’ve won things… seriously, it’s true.  Not to brag, or boast…but for some reason I’ve just always seemed to be lucky… like when I was in Grade 8…I filled out one of those ‘draws’ at the grocery store and won a “Sunset-hot air balloon Trip for 2″…I credit my Grandma for that one…because she ALWAYS told me to ‘fill’ out the draws!!! (I took her with me….when I finally got to go up in the air!)…

Tonight was no different… I had the  ‘winning ticket’ for TWO of the “packages” that were up for auction. 

The first ‘prize pack’ focused on “things for at home”….it was a lot of awesome loot!! A Cherished Teddy figurine(not in the photo..oops!)… 3 Candle holders, a set of 8 wine glasses, 2 gorgeous wooden platters–square and rectangle, a canvas bag with book about Patterson Global Foods, a mouse pad with calulator, funky glass coasters, 3 free tanning sessions(if only i did that!) a Canada ribbon for your car, 2- of those ‘essence things with sticks you put in them to make your place smell yummy…bath salts… AND this cool ‘drinking tic-tack-toe game complete with shot glasses!!  Pretty DARN awesome eh? a lot of cool stuff….I was pretty excited when I realized I won!!!  I went up and collected it… and was searchign through all the stuff… when I heard my number again…(the same one as before)…. and I was like…”what was that number?!” they repeated it and I was like.. “That’s MINE!!!”

This time I one the “camping” prize pack!! Included in it was this ‘awesome’ cooler–on wheels… everything you need for smores…graham crackers, chocolate, marshmellows, marshmellow roasting sticks, popcorn, licorice, sunflower seeds, two stanless steel water bottles, containers for liquid, beach ball, citronella bracelets, water proof matches, rope for a clothes line, and the COOLEST thing.. a 5 gallon outdoor shower bag….how amazing?!

It was the perfect end to a kind of ‘rocky’ week…and to think I almost didnt’ get up off the couch and get ready to go..(almost got ‘stuck’ in the couch-trap after work)… It was an awesome night…. I can’t believe I won two of the prizes!! I’m so glad I went!!

Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket…naw.. I’ll stop while I’m ahead!!!

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  1. >omgosh!! WAHOO! Great prizes! And you could probably use them the most of anyone who could have won them!Oh – look. A laundry line … 🙂

  2. >That is very cool flooring. Is it laminate?

  3. >those coolers rock. I have lugged one back and forth from the north for many years and as long as you tape and tie the side handles down so the baggage handlers can't get at them to throw that puppy, they last for years. And bonus: left taped and unopened the frozen stuff stays that way for 72 hours, yes seventy two.

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