>This is a story…about a dirty car…


Well today was the day… I did some research.. and found a carwash… that was pretty cool…and that I figured I could use without actually being IN the car–or having to do it MYSELF with a wand thingy… The place was called “the Chamois” …basicly you drop off your car at one end of the building…and then you wait inside.. and it comes through the other end and presto car wash complete!
Here’s some shots–of Milo… some BEFORE: 
—-YES! those are my finger prints…from opening and closing the hatch…. yucky!

DURING: (didn’t get an acutal shot of the wash..but the drying on the inside!)
—-apparently cop cars need to be washed sometimes too! 😉

THE AFTER! (isn’t Milo so SHINNY!?)
Shinny Milo….

I must say… I’m happy to report that Milo still has his windshield in-tact!! 🙂

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  1. >that's really neat! I want to take the kids through the carwash – I bet they would love the adventure!

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