>a sunset walk…

>Mum landed this morning…so tonight after dinner we went for a short walk… (over the bridge to the Legislative Building)…. (it’s not that far at all..but apparently was a “BIG” walk! 😉

The water is pretty high on the Assiniboine River…actually since I came home on Sunday night I couldn’t believe how high it was!

Here’s where I walked down to the ice to go on the ‘river-walk’ a few months ago… now about 1/2 of the stairs are under water!! 🙂
Mum on the bench… I joined her soon after this photo was taken… we sat and watched the sun get lower in the sky… watched people walk by… and just laughed about silly things that only a mother and daughter can laugh about!
Since I cut off the “Golden Boy” in the last photo… here’s a upclose ‘blury’ photo of him!
Here’s a shot of our view from the bench!!
A view from my balcony… you can so how HIGH the water is…. (soon that boat will be in the water… and at the end of last week it was far away from the edge of the water!)…

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  1. >Have a great time with your Mom! I can't wait till mine comes up again.

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