>Trip to the Forks….


This afternoon…mum and I went to the FORKS it was fun to walk around… and check out the antique store..and then sit on a bench, enjoy the sunshine(before the black clouds rolled in and we got a bit of a shower!)… I had my first icecream of the season….(hence one of the signs in the icecream shop!)
Look familiar?  I was here… in Jan…but it was a bit more ‘frozen’…and a lot colder!! The stairs I walked up..well were below water at this point!
A self portrait of us on a bench…….
A view from the bench….
..while we were sitting there a group of youth..came along.. and were practicing “parkour” this was the photo I caught of him.. but he’s basicly standing on this cement post.. that he jumped up on after ‘popping’ off the bars from the stairs…. I was waiting for him to fall and get a million and one stitches..but that didn’t happen!!

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  1. >OMG! Ice cream sign = WIN!!!!!

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