>Shadows and Reflections and Self-Portraits–OH MY!


apparently the people driving by thought we were both nuts(from their looks on their faces)
–but I didn’t notice, my friend did! (maybe it was because of the photos of MY shadow kicking HIS shadow…!? who knows!>?)
I was soooo frustrated with these reflection shots…I didn’t really get what I wanted to get..I had something in my mind..but apparently it didn’t work out in practice!  Next time… maybe I’ll try again!
This shot… I was hanging on a pole…and almost lost grip on the camera(with one hand) and the other hand almost lost grip with the pole…but apparently I wasn’t that much of a klutz tonight!!!

I must admit… with work being so nutso crazy…and the stress and craziness of everything I’ve done in the last 5months…heading out with my camera and a new friend…. for dinner and then a walk and shooting… sometimes lots of convo… (mainly by me talking his head off)…and sometimes just in silence… has made me so happy…I am starting to feel like ME again… and this I so love, as much as I miss and think about my life up north—it’s slowly becoming easier to be here in the south.

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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