>Wardrobe Malfunctions!?

>…well this hasn’t happened to me in awhile at work… I think the last time was Spring of ’05…I was working in an infant room and had lost weight…which was a good thing, but my pants were baggy…and if I bent over, knelt or sat down without ‘hitching’ them up like an old person… they would rip… and well I through 3 pairs of pants in about 6weeks…(no lie)…hmmmm so where was I?!

Oh yes, present day… I wore a new blouse today for the first time… and well by lunch two buttons were gone off the bottom… and then by 2pm another one off the bottom fell… so left my very “appropriate” work shirt… turn highly inappropriate in like less than 30seconds…

Here’s the photo proof… there were jokes about ‘rockin’ it ‘daisy-duke’ style but don’t worry I didn’t actually subject my co-workers to that!!!
*photo was taken by a co-worker, using my iPhone and the Hipstamatic App…(i like it!!)

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