>Happy Mother’s Day!!


To all the Mum’s out there..
I wish you a HAPPY DAY…
that you will have much love, appreciation today and EVERY day
for all the wonderful things you do for your families!!
Dear Mum…
Hope you have a fantastic day today…here I am living far away on yet another Mother’s Day… I mailed you a card…so watch for it in the mail…but just wanted to give you a ‘special’ post on the ‘old’ blog! Here’s a series of ‘gifts’ I got for you..but the only catch is you’ll have to come back to visit Winnipeg for them! 
Some tulips for you!
I picked up a little bit ‘real-estate’ in Winnipeg for you…
outside of your new digs… is a bench (and we all know how much you enjoy a nice bench!)
It’s a bit small…but not far from where I live!!!
It even has a ‘great’ security system because it’s in a ‘gated’ community..
Your new house isn’t far away from my new house…
you see the cost of buying you a house.. made me relocate too…
but well it’s nice and cosy, and has a lot of nice fresh air!
Does this view look familiar to you mum?!
I even found some ‘pansies’ for you…
I’m glad you were the kind of mum that supported me to make decisions about my life, and let me go where my heart lead..even though sometimes it’s far, far away…but even then…you still luv and support me!
…from your visit at Easter!
I luv you…hope you have an awesome day!!! 
You are the BEST MUM in the WORLD!
..so glad that no matter where I go… you are still only a phone call away
Can’t wait to see you for a MONTH in July….
luv from your only daughter,

About SarahontheRoad

This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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