>..a walk in the park!


Finally some more shots from my walk on last Saturday! In addition to having fun with my ‘Mother’s Day’ sign… I did manage to get some shots of some wildlife… This little bunny was so cute…but way fast, I’m glad I got at least one shot of him/her…there are bunnies all over the place, and I must admit I’m kind of like a kid when I see one… my friend can probably agree with that, because I was like… “did u see the bunny!? wow, so cute eh!?”
The park was also filled with these little guys…
..and a pretty bird!
This bear, wasn’t alive, but did catch the sun in an awesome way!
Lately I’ve been doing a lot of cool shots of nature, up close and personal like… catching buds, or random branches of tress that look neat… that’s how I got these three shots!
..sometimes you just have to look UP, here’s the same photo with THREE different EFFECTS…
Which one do you like best!?
and two last shots.. of ME! (well my feet and shadow… anyways!)
Hope you are all having a happy day!!
I forgot to mention today is “Manitoba Day” because today Manitoba is 140 years old!! 
Happy Birthday Manitoba!!

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