>It’s worth the drive…


..sometimes you just have to hop in your car, drive and meet a friend for DQ!  Last year, I often had cravings for DQ but living in a remote fly in community in Nunavut..well there was no way I could just go get it! (Seriously I think all FOOD commericals should be BANNED and OUTLAWED for TVs in the Arctic!)

Tonight I had just started watching Grey’s… settled in my comfy yoga pants and tank top on my couch… I was also txting a friend, who lives in Transcona (or T-cona) I received a TXT that asked me, “DQ Burger or Peanut Buster Parfait?” and I was like, “ummm PB Parfait all the way.. ” followed by another close following TXT saying, “Oh, I want DQ can I come over for one?!” and well Ryan being the awesome friend that he is.. waited for me to get there!  (and YES, I’m one of those people that can’t send one long TXT but many short TXTs in a row–much to my friend’s dismay!!)

So I hopped into my car.. and off I went…

Just in case you wanted to know… well there’s the route I had to take it’s a 20min drive according to Google Maps… but this does NOT account for the TRAIN that delayed me for at least 10mins!! (those trains are SLOW and LONG!!!)  I was making good time until then!

(FYI: Point A or B is NOT where I live.. in case you wanted to find me.. sorry, I’m not making it THAT easy!)

Even with a train delay….. and wearing yoga pants and a sweat shirt…DQ is worth it!
(this was the smallest one I’ve seen in forever—it was a walk up counter, no store inside at all!?) Sweet!!!
Milo even thinks it’s worth the drive for DQ…. and I’d have to agree with him!!!
Thanks, Ryan for the ice-cream!!

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  1. >Love that DQ! Looks like it's right of the 50's. mmmm, now you got me thinking of icecream. It's not DQ but there is some Breyers in my freezer… gotta go!

  2. >Looks like the one in North Bay!

  3. >YES, I knew I'd seen one like that somewhere!!!! Thanks for the reminder..Sar! :)If I could I would send you some DQ but I'm afraid it wouldn't quite be the same Morena!! 🙂

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