>…ice cream, bridges, and sunshine!


All day I had been thinking about ice cream… so it was the treat ‘before’ we started shooting photos tonight!  Mmmmm Mint-Chocolate Chip Goodness!
Tonight we started out at the Forks… it was such an amazing night… wasn’t too hot, or too cold… breezy but a warm breeze that makes smile!  Tonight was the perfect nite to be out.. enjoying the sunshine…I put on a bit of sunscreen and then off we went!
There were tons of people around the Forks, kids, babies, dogs, bikers, walkers, and strollers oh my! 
Some teens just can’t help themselves by climbing things! (there are a lot of things that are awesome to climb on around here!)
I shot a few shots of the leaves on the trees…
…heaps of fun at this awesome water wall feature…
..no stopping on benches tonight.. as we were on the move…
(but do you see what I see on the right side of the photo?)
…Yes, this guy brought his OWN hammock to the park…how awesome is that? he also had a ‘boom-box’ and was chill’n to the music!  (how come I haven’t thought to take do that in a park?!?!)
L’Esplanade Riel walking bridge is pretty cool…
Sometimes you just have to skip across a bridge!! (thanks Ryan for taking this shot!)
…my new favourite self-portrait!!!
(yes, that crop was done in the photo taking!)

Hope everyone wher ever you might be reading from is enjoying whatever kind of weather you are having!!

P.S. feel free to comment… I’d love to know I HAVE readers!! Comments are COOL! (thanks for everyone that has recently been commenting!)

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  1. >When I saw the title of your post I thought it was going to be about the Bridge Drive Inn. That is a must visit for you in Winnipeg. A couple of years ago I was amazed to see it figure prominently in a movie we rented up here. Great icecream and milkshakes, and a foot bridge to boot.

  2. >Hi Clare,hope you are well! I am going to the BDI soon… just need to figure out what night works for me and my friend!! 🙂 I've heard it's pretty darn good!!! and I'm a sucker for icecream!!S

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