>..escape to the park!

>Saturday May 22nd, I arrived at my Jamie and Dana’s house.. and took the boys to the park! It was awesome fun… (this was also Benjamin’s 2nd birthday…and gave Dana and Jamie some time to get stuff ready for the family party later that afternoon)…

There was times for snacks….

Time to slide… Samuel likes to go head first….
Benjamin perfers to go backwards… and then do this crazy little flip at the end so he’s in the right direction!! too cute!
Time to climb…. (I got a BUNCH of dirty looks from other ‘parents’ when I took this photo…I think they thought I wasn’t supervising close enough…but before I did get my camera and shoot some shots…I did manage to see IF they COULD actually climb and get there safely… and I was with-in an arm’s reach)…. little Bro.. is doing everything his big Bro is doing…  
Time to look at the ducks, and also feed them… thanks to running into my old Grade 7 teacher, who gave us some bread!
Time to catch up with your Grade 7 Teacher… Mrs. Bain
(who was at the park with her daughter and two granddaughters!)
Time to balance….
…let me tell you, I headed back to my mum’s had lunch and a nap before I headed back for the birthday party!

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