>Well, I keep wondering how long it will take me to get a PHOTO License for the province of Manitoba.  I’ve been at this process since January 19th… one would have assumed by now I’d have my new photo license, which I’ve been told is an ‘enhanced’ license.  i.e) one that is only ONE piece..(kind of like the Ontario ones I’ve had since I got my license when I was 16..Manitoba is JUST now this YEAR moving forward to ‘one’ piece licenses! 

I talked about my struggles in this POST  that was in April.. when I thought I had recieved my LAST temporary ‘written’ license… well folks… I’ve been back to those ‘friendly auto-pack’ people… (which can’t do anything without calling the Gov’t people in charge.) and spent an HOUR and a HALF waiting bc my temporary license was about to expire, I had not had my ‘photo’ license mailed to me.. and the apparently my account was cancelled.  Yes, that’s right… after visiting in April to get my latest ‘extension’ on my license… the computer didn’t see that they had recieved my photo.. and decided I didn’t want a license and well CANCELLED my application.  (because the computer decided I hadn’t submitted what it wanted..) It took like an HOUR and a HALF of the person on the other side of the phone to A) figure out what the problem was and B) correct it…

This means, I’m on my FOURTH temporary license here in Manitoba… it expires on July 15th..(almost 6months to the day when I started trying to get a Manitoba license..) My question is seriously? if they thought I didn’t want a Manitoba license.. why would they cancel it when they TOOK MY ONTARIO one!? because it was still VALID!!!!!!! argh… crazy maker I think! When I finally get my license I’m writing a few letters to the MLA in charge.. because frankly this has been a silly ordeal!!!

I’m taking bets… do you think I’ll get the photo license before then!? or will I go for a FIFTH temporary one? I’m kind of digging the hand written piece of paper I have for a license… I’ll keep you posted!!

Send me a comment…with the DAY you think I will RECIEVE it in the mail… and the person that has a guess close enough to the actual day I recieve it in the mail… WILL get a PRIZE!!

P.S. I have gone on to recently get a Manitoba Health Card–it’s a piece of paper, seriously, no photo… I went in gave them my details, and they printed one off for me.. within like 5mins… now I just have to find a doctor…

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  1. >This is crazy! It took me about 40 minutes in IQALUIT to get my NU one done. Could it be possible that MB is less efficient than NU? Seems so. July 24th!

  2. >My guess is July 10th – and my guess is that it will take you another 6 months to find a doctor that is taking new patients if it is anything like my experiences!

  3. >That is crazy! I'd be writing my MLA now – maybe they can get autopacs butts in gear! My guess is June 15th…. – Becky

  4. >August 23rd LOL. 🙂 Because I'm a rebel.

  5. >October 12. Not really trying to be any more ridiculous than those bureaucratic nimrods are. Hope I'm dead wrong!!

  6. >Oh Sarah – What a pain! I'm going to guess August 13 – Darn bureaucrats and their red tape! Heather

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