>Road Trip!!!


So today, I went on a bit of a road trip…and drove out on the good old Trans Canada Hwy…(I had meeting today in Brandon… off I went with two co-workers!) I think they would drive with me again…let’s just say, that Milo likes to go fast..and apparently if you aren’t paying close attention to the odometre then well you might not really know how fast you are going!!!  
Going into Brandon, one of my co-workers took us in the route that is the “Dangerous Goods Route” that trucks have to use to ‘by-pass’ Brandon… I thought that this was hilarious… (must have been me getting up at the crack of 6:30am to leave my house by 7:15am)….I couldn’t get a photo of that sign… but did get this… apparently the ‘black diamond’ is the dangerous goods symbol… Who knew that?! (guess you learn something new every day eh?)
Almost there, I looked down at my ODO..and saw that I had ‘cracked’ 4000kms…(so this is the shot after I was SITTING in the parking lot…)

I didn’t take pictures on the way there, partly because we were worried that we were running late… and partly because it was ‘cloudly’ and ‘drizzling’!!  But coming home.. I said I wanted to take a photo of the “1/2way Tree” someone had told me about this ‘big tree’ that is about 1/2 way between Brandon, and Winnipeg. I’m not sure that’s true… (it’s just outside of Portage la Prairie)..but it’s a cool tree… I pulled over ‘safely’ and took these photos!

This is taken after I got back into the car, those ‘big’ trucks… shook Milo… and we decided it was time to get moving again!!! (I also took the photo at the begining of this post..)
Road trips are FUN… and having people along with you is even better! 🙂

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  1. >As a transplanted Manitoban, this post has made me incredibly homesick! I have traveled that road many, many times. It is indeed the Halfway Tree. It is exactly halfway between Winnipeg and Brandon (there is even a Facebook page dedicated to Manitobans love of the tree).I miss the skies there so much. I hope that you are enjoying your new life in Winnipeg, and enjoying the prairies and all they have to offer.

  2. >Karyn,Thanks for your comments, and extra info about the 'tree'… 🙂 Where abouts are you now? Cheers,Sarah

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