>on the other side of the bridge…


…some more photos from yesterday’s photo night!  There were so many cool tress on this street…but also LOTS of mosquitoes and well LITTLE wind, and I had to pee… so didn’t linger long on the other other side of the bridge at all!
..the light was perfectly peeking through the leaves…and so cool to see tress leaning across the sidewalk, to create an awesome canopy over my head as I walked under it!
Such a cool flower, this shot was taken facing the direct sunlight… (sun beam seemed to just highlight, and rest on the top of it!)
This was taken with the sun lighting it… (so other side!)…
Even though right now life might be a little rocky, ok it’s a crazy ball of stress…(which I don’t need to get into details, but if you know me and want to know..you know how to reach me!) The thing I so need reminding myself is how awesome and blessed my life truly is!  Case point: I have a cool friend that I meet once a week and take photos with, something I love doing… and he gets the quest of finding beautiful things to shoot! And he pushes me to get even better!!  So even though work might be crazy, and there is stress in my life… I have to hang onto the moments on the other side of the bridge…where the light is shining down on beautiful things, because there..I can find a moment of peace and happiness!

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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  1. >You really do have a talent with the lens. Great job.

  2. >LOVE the sunbeam on the flower. 😀 And totally weird that the trees bend over the sidewalk! Very neat!

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