>the BDI…


or the “Bridge Drive In“…is a landmark here in Winnipeg, for over 45 years, and the focus of my weekly photo night!  After work I had a horrible time moving south on Osbourne (it took me literally 20mins to crawl about 3blocks to get to my house; I could have walked it faster!  But I did observe some interesting things…I can’t believe how many grown-ups PICK their NOSES..while STUCK in traffic!?)
..I heard on the radio that Osbourne was backed up to Jubilee..(which is the street that the BDI is on–bad news for me..because sitting in traffic, doesn’t make me that happy of a camper) and because the Jubilee overpass at Pembina Hwy is closed for construction..(please don’t get me started on that in this city…. now that season is in full swing!) Ryan and I opted to have dinner FIRST in the Village and then head out to get to the bridge, and you know what? It was a PERFECT plan…
It was awesome to arrive, get parking..and enjoy the sun…and a breeze strong enough to keep the mosquitoes away (well for the most part!) I love these bridges…this has been closed off just for foot traffic, and bike traffic.  I love how the old metal looks against the sky—and the clouds floating in the background… just makes me happy…
The Red River, watching tons of stuff fly by.. the current seems to be pretty strong!  The smell wasn’t so nice either…
Luv, reflections….
Random shot to show you, yes my feet were here!!
Random birds, flying… makes me want to take off and join them…
The Best part of the BDI is the ICE CREAM; this place has over 11 flavours of SOFT SERVE!! I went with a chocolate/vanila twist, chocolate dipped coated in peanuts! Mmmmm so good….
Another sucessful photo night, and if anyone wants to know… there are no washrooms around this area of town, so you might want to pee before you come… or well you might have to leave, and find a place to pee… and drive back for your ice cream!!

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