>Brought to you by the letter M…

>FOR mosquitoes..(or mozzie)..or pain in my FLESH! Can you see how many are on my legs? YIKES! I am also aware that this post has a crazy amount of photos…sometimes it’s just like that…

We ended up tonight at Kildonan Park.. pretty cool spot… next time I’m taking bug spray!

We headed to a more ‘open’ area… to see what we could see, the sun was in a perfect spot.. to get some awesome shadow shots!

Why, HELLO shadow!! How are you today!?

Moss, on a Tree.. just hanging out…. (I was still complaining about the Mozzies at this point!)

So, I continued on with my ‘portrait’ session with Ryan from last week… I’m so excited… and am starting to seriously think about building my portfolio this summer, in order to start some sort of buisness…  Ryan was happy to be the model for me! I was pretty excited with the end result.  I hope Ryan you are also pleased!  (PS. there are a few that won’t make the blog but still are goodies! 😉
A close-up of Lucille…
A few nights ago, I had this brainstorm… to get a shot of Ryan through Lucille’s view finder.. and well it worked!!! So like this shot!!! (except for the sun glare… perhaps a bit of photo shopping can get that out?)
I’m not one to ‘promote’ habits…but I do luv this shot!!
Lucille with her other friend ‘Larry’ the light meter (trust me folks I didn’t name them!)
Strike a pose…
Throw in a little silhouette action.. and it’s priceless!….

The story behind this one is… Ryan kept moving bc of the mozzies on his legs… but I coudln’t get the shot in focus… But in the end it’s a kind of cool effect!

Sometimes photographers have to go to ALL lengths to get the shot… that means sometimes climbing a tree!

Ryan patiently waiting for me to pass up “Lucille”…

Getting that shot…
I couldn’t decide between the following two images.. so decided to include both of them!
Got to luv the silhouette!!!
I luv Ryan’s face… it’s like.. are you SURE you can take Lucille without BREAKING her… LOL
So that’s it for my portraits… (there are a few more Ryan…and I’ll get that CD for you soon!)… I’ll leave you with two more images from the night… I’m so in love with these flowers…
And who doesn’t love a rose!!
One more sleep, one more day at work and then I’m on vacation…

I have some exciting plans tomorrow night… I can’t wait to post the photos from that adventure!!!

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  1. >omgosh – these are AWESOME! What a great idea to get the shot THROUGH the viewfinder!! AMAZING!!

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