>My First Slurpee…

>July 18th, 2010….

It’s true… I’ve never had one… perhaps as a teen I might have had a lot of ‘extra’ energy.. and extra sugary drinks weren’t my thing….. I’m not really sure WHY I haven’t had one…. but last night Dan bought me one..(as well as a banana one for himself, and blue raspberry one for Erin)…Mine well it was “cherry” and oh was it sugar-y good!…

The first sip…(I think I got a head freeze from it!)…

…then a ‘scoop’ of the frozen goodness……
Uh-oh… the sugar has kicked in!!! 😉
Thanks Dan for introducing me to the Slurpee/Slushie goodness….
apparently Winnipeg is known for these guys… who would have known! 
(and please disregard the silly looking glasses… it was late-ish at night.. and my contacts were out!)

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Posted on July 19, 2010, in first time, london, slurpee/slushie goodness. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. >You've lived in Winnipeg for what like 10 months and you've never made a sev-run for slurpees?

  2. >Hiding my head in shame… YES, this is true but only been there almost 7months… (so not quite as bad)…

  3. >I'm thinking your wise mother never let you near those sugar overloads when you were a kid…

  4. >You'll know you're a true Winnipeger when you make a Slurpee run in the middle of January.

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