>When Bloggers Meet!!

>Yesterday before I left London… I was able to touch base with my fellow blogging friend Morena from “Babies and Bulldogs”. We met each other through the “Northern Nunavut Blogging Community”…and then we met (in person) back in the Fall of 2009 when I travelled to the community in Nunavut where she was living.(you can read about that HERE!)  I saw her and her hubby and son another time when they were travelling south.. and were ‘stuck’ in Iqaluit… 

Morena moved to the same remote community that I lived in…earlier this year, after I had moved to Winnipeg!… she’s in the “sunny south” and was visiting her friend Jen in London before heading out East to visit family..

It was the first time I met Jen (in person)… But I feel like I’ve known her for quite some time though.  You see, she too was a northern blogger… and I have read along and about all her adventures…some might have called me a ‘blog stalker’…but I perfer ‘blog reader”!! She and her husband and daughter moved south last summer… But the south hasn’t stopped her blogging… you can find her at her “Jentography”

Both of these lovely ladies have babies that are almost 19 months old… and were born about 12 hours apart, and their mums were living in the same remote community during their pregnancies, and for the first months of the new babies lives…

I had a blast playing ‘peek-a-boo’ and getting sticky hand kisses and hugs… these toddlers are adorable!!! And I think I made two new friends….!!!!

I had a fantastic lunch with you guys… It was great talking with people that ‘get’ the northern experience…but also enjoy blogging and photography, among other things!!

(I look so ‘shocked’ because we were trying ot keep the kids attention at the camera…and well… apparently that made ME look like a fool! and yes, this location is very similar to the one I took earlier in the week with  Sarah & Adam and Erin & Dan!)…
Jen and Morena it was so lovely to meet both of you again…Thanks for a fun lunch… and if you every find yourselves in Winnipeg feel free to look me up!!!

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  1. >Always fun to meet fellow bloggers! Great to meet you! And Bud Lime background is the only way to go, screams summer. đŸ˜‰

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