>Wipe-out FAMILY style!!


Our neighbours at the cottage got THIS little piece of water FUN, and were kind enough to allow us to use it, with life jackets on!  It’s a water trampoline, with a few ‘attachments’…there’s a slide, a big pillow (or BLOB!)-where you can launch people off of the end of it… and there’s the balancing tube!  It is SO much fun!! I was out there for a bit.. but then came in to grab my camera, sit at the end of the dock and well take photos.. .I think I took over 500 this day…I was able to get a lot of fun shots of the action, jumping and throwing…. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves… but man it was so much fun!!! I just wanted to give a shout out to our neighbours and thank them for their generousity!
Then started the launching of different family members into the air!
Some chose to do different ‘creative’ dismounts… (not sure it was really a choice…)
For the most part it was STRAIGHT up in the air… and down into the water…
Some weren’t so lucky.. and ended up turning head over heal.. in the air before landing…
(but well you don’t really need to see those photos!)

Then started the competition of how far you could get on balancing tube thingy!

…and of course there were some ‘wipe-outs!’

..some made it just a few steps…

others ended up right at the VERY end!!!

It was a fantastic afternoon… and the following afternoon, while I was getting Milo’s oil changed in town… my GREAT-Aunt who is 77 in August was out there… and well I’m sad to say I missed that… and didn’t get any photos!

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