>Fun on the Beach!!!


This is a place I’ll always call ‘home’…
On Saturday, Dana took these amazing shots of me playing with my nephews… Thanks SO much!!! being the one BEHIND the camera… often means I’m LEFT out of the picture… and I’m just glad that Dana was able to capture this moment in time for me!
There was a bit of a ‘splash’ war…. and I totally lost out on that one.. had to surrender!!
Benjamin… joined in… he brought out the ‘big’ guns.. the SHOVEL to splash me more!!
I switched my sunglasses for googles…(to protect the contacts)… and Benjamin wasn’t so sure about them… (and after looking at this photo… I realize that I do look a bit ODD!)
..jumping off the end of the dock!
…trying to convince the boys to come out ‘deep’ swimming with me… apparently that didn’t work!
It was an awesome morning on the beach…
Thanks again Dana for taking those photos to put “me” in the picture!! 🙂

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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