>"the Situation" in Buffalo…


I picked up Emily in Peterbourgh…and we were off… with a quick stop at the passport office in Scarborough and then the Timmies in St. Catherines… then Milo made his first boarder run!  (and they did open his boot, and unzipped our bags… we aren’t really sure what that was about…but lucky that’s all that happened and we were on our way over the “Peace Bridge”!)
That night we were lucky enough to meet up with our long time friend, Lauren aka Rapid, as well as Emily’s friend Fabes from her MA in Halifax.  At dinner.. there was some laughing…
Fabes and Em… just waiting for the food… (we were hungry!)…
During dinner, Lauren pointed out that we were the only Canadians in the resturant and we were probably the loudest… (isn’t it suppose to be the other way? Aren’t our ‘southern’ neighbours suppose to be the obnxious ones? Not so my friends, not so… we decided to switch that up…)
I don’t know how to explain this photo… you would have had to be there.. “lemmings” were involved.. at this point in the evening “the situation” was relatively under control!
On our walk home,” the situation “got out of hand..errrrr in hand… Actually I’m not to sure, what was going on.. but whatever “the situation” was… Emily was on it!
…it was a long walk home… so we stopped for some photos, and another beverage to hold us over til we got all the way home!
…this photo highlights “the situation”, but it was all under control!
Pretty Ladies….
..our last stop also involved some yummy apple flavoured tobaco and a hooka…
This patio experience also involved our ‘new’ friend Thomas (seated behind Emily) who tried to get into all our photos… so there’s one is for you Thomas… nice to meet you and your partner, Michael. 
This summer I wanted to laugh… a lot… (remember the ‘summer hit list?’) well last night was so much fun…. and there was heaps of laughter…
…and that my friend is the BEST feeling in the world!!
(especially because “the situation” is back under control, thanks goes to Secrets from your Sister!)

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  1. >Sarah,I saw your postings through Morena's blog some time ago and usally check in to see what you are doing… yikes, have I becoem a blog stalker? Usually, I seek to find info about Nunavut as I am moving in 25 days. I had to write you a note about this post! You look like a person who is having alot of fun lately. Your smile is contagious! I quite enjoy your funny way of describing things… I added you to my favorites and I hope we can hcat more someone, and surely do regret that we were not in Nunavut at the same time, or in the same community as you surely seem like a girlie I would have great laughs with. Take care on your adventures!

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