>Un-Expected Traveling…

>It’s really interesting to me how things happen… some might call it destiny, others being in the right spot at the right time, and others just plain lucky!  About 2 weeks ago, I woke up at my mum’s house… checked my Facebook… (on my iPhone)… and got this email from a good friend!  He works at Opportunity International Canada. This organization is all about micro finance.  Basically, well my understanding of it is,…  helps people in the third world, access small business loans so that they can jump start local economyfrom the bottom up… (here is some more information about that!) My friend was going on a trip to Columbia.. to visit some of the clients, and check out micro fiance and how it works. 

Ok, so back to the email…. my friend explained that there was a trip upcoming to Columbia… and he was wondering if I could come along and be the ..photographer… (I was very excited!!).  You might ask? why did he think of me? Well in early July I had stopped by their house… and  hung out with his wife (also my friend).. and their adorable little girl who was 7 months… and shot a bunch of portraits…. when I dropped them off at their house… I had a conversation with him and basically said something like this: ” you need to be BRUTALLY honest.. as a parent would you pay for a product like this? Like if they are GOOD or NOT” (apparently I have confidence issues….) And his response was to offer me a trip to Columbia to take photos for the YAO Columbia trip!  (to be used in print materials, websites etc…)

So I suppose that’s how I find myself on the night before I fly to Columbia for 4 days… I’m pretty stoked… I’ve never been to South America… and well to be able to do a photography gig internationally, well that’s even more exciting… I also am excited for what I will see… and hopefully it might add some perspective to my life, and what I might think are crazy struggles in my life.. but in the grand scheme of it… aren’t that big of issues!!

If you want to follow along…YAO’s First Insight Trip to Arjona, Colombia, click on the link! 

I’ll be posting photos when I get back to Canada….at some point…as after I land, I’m starting to drive back to the ‘peg… but this time I’ll have an accomplice!!

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