>Day One: Elmvale to Wawa, Ontario!!


Today I started my trek back to Winnipeg!  Travelling with me on the road is my cousin, Meg… here we are at the begining of the day… apparently her little bro also got into the photo!!!
Our first stop was at the Timmie’s near Parry Sound… we found these comfy Muskoka chairs.. but dont’ worry we only stopped long enough for a photo!!!!!
Soon after that stop.. we ran into some like crazy rain… rain that even Milo’s fastest wiper speed didn’t quite keep up!  The road were covered in water, and I was glad it lasted about a max of 15mins… For the rest of the day we were pretty rain free… but apparently there’s some crazy weather in store for the areas we just drove through!!
In Sudbury, we found the ‘Big Nickel’… it’s been moved! We had to pay $5 to enter the parking lot… and well in honour of our 5min photo shoot…and the $5 I had to pay for it… I give you (have you guessed it?!) 5 photos!!
The nickel in all it’s glory!! (I remember it sitting on the top of the a rock when I saw it when I was 12… and Meg remembers it sitting on top of a grassy hill/spot when she saw it 10 years later when she was 12… weird..because the nickel isnt in a spot that looks like either of those recollections!!?)
Asking a random person to take our photo… is always a great idea to get shots like THIS one!! 😉
..had to see the ‘flip’ side.. to make sure we got all our ‘money’ out of this trip!!
Yup… sometimes you just have to JUMP!! (and sometimes you have your tongue sticking out!)…
Milo had a further view away from the nickel….
Meg has one wish on this trip… to see a “moose”… (Milo is afraid of Moose..) so I hope we really don’t see one up close and personal like!! But today… we did see THREE moose!!!
Meg got all comfy cozy with the first one!!!
The second Moose.. well he looked a bit threatening.. so Meg declined a photo shoot with that guy!!
The third… so nice… she almost kissed him… (not really sure about that you’d have to ask Meg!?)
Our first stop along the shore of Lake Superior!!!
Having fun, taking photos.. we won’t tell you how many timer shots it took to get this one!!
Another stop, along the side of this HUGE lake!!
We also had the company of a grey hound bus and it’s passengers stretching their legs….
Doesn’t Milo look Great!?
Our idea was to stop at Katherine Cove to do a bit of swimming… BUT it was way windy… and it was like 5ish.. and well we declined the swim.. but did splash around a bit.. and took some fun jumping photos!!!
(remember how calm it was before when I drove through? it wasn’t today!)
…it’s been a process in the works.. and I still need to practice my jumping skills… BUT am starting to like shots of me caught in the act!!!
Luv this shot!!!!
We arrived at the Goose (aka WAWA)… about 7:40ish… we stopped to take a few photos…. and then went in search of food… (we had reserved a room, earlier when we passed through the Sault!)
Apparently there are a FEW large GEESE in town… we spotted TWO when we went into town for dinner and found a gas station!!!

This pizza was yummy… it’s just so sad it took close to 50mins to arrive… (I think they had to go to Italy for it… and people that arrived AFTER us, and ordered… they got THEIRS first… weirdness!)

We arrived again at our motel… and well there were TWO little ducks to greet us….

It’s been a great ride…. I can’t wait for Day Two!! (but I do need sleep… seems like I’ve been going crazy since Columbia.. and coming back!!)… Talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. >Northern Lights again! Yay!

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