>Day Three: Thunder Bay, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba


We left Thunder Bay fairly early… about 8:30am.. it was crazy cold… but we did a quick stop at Kakebeka Falls... Meg just wanted to stay WARM.. but I told her she had to have a photo!!!
A quick self-portrait together… (we didn’t pay for parking again… yes, we are REBELS!)…
We didn’t stop at Timmie’s like we had planned… the nice lady at the check out desk at the hotel… told us one would be on our way.. but apparently she was wrong… So we stopped in Kakebeka Falls for gas, and then to the grocery store for some yummy lemon poppy seed muffins and apple fritters!!! It was a good choice!
Crossing the time-zone… I love self-portraits, and camera timers!! (the day was on again off again rainy all day.. but when we hit here it was SUNNY!!)
Had to get yet another ‘moose’ warning sign!!! 🙂
We stopped to pay hommage to the ‘ape-man’?! In Vermillion Bay… I still don’t know the story behind this guy… and really not sure WHY it is there.. but it’s damn FUNNY!!! Here’s Meg and “ape-man” (still not sure what to call him!)
..and yes, that is unfortunate that there isn’t enough material to cover his butt!! (seriously he must get COLD in the winter!!)
We got stopped for AWHILE, due to construction… so what is one to do when they put their car into neutral, pop the E-brake?… why take photos of course!!! (I think this is one of my fav shots of Meg!)
..then I took a photo of the lady who was the flagger, I’m not really sure what she was doing here?! perhaps blowing into her glove to warm it up!? It was really cold!
..and me, at the controls of Milo…
..we were the first in a LONG line of cars…. going both directions!!!
At the Manitoba/Ontario Boarder there was more construction.. but Meg was able to still capture some awesome photos!!! 🙂
..Back on the Prairies… Meg’s first sight of the ‘flatness’!!
Meg snapped a shot of her first ‘grain-elevator’ thingy! (I think that’s what it’s called!?) She was pretty impressed with seeing it!! (and I think she did an awesome job with my camera–and a moving car..)
…We are HERE!!! 🙂
It’s good to be home!! I think Milo was very happy to get the ‘extra’ stuff out of him.. and be empty.. and we were glad NOT to be in his company for awhile!!!  

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