>Guess what ARRIVED in the MAIL!?


So, if you aren’t in the loop… you might need to read about the BACK history of me getting a Photo-ID License for Manitoba! (click HERE)… after all that crazy amount of going back to January when I first applied and 5 TEMPORARY licenses… I have my own official Manitoba License…
..and well after all that work to get the bloody thing… my pic is really is pretty crazy and not that attractive!!!Compared to my old Ontario one…in Manitoba you can’t show ‘teeth'(apparently they rejected my first photo because of that reason!)…and well in Ontario you can…or they aren’t as ‘strict’ with that rule!!
December 13, 2007

Spring of 2010

As for that prize… I think the person that guessed the closest to the actual date today… when I got my mail should win! 

Anonymous June 6, 2010 10:36 AM

Oh Sarah – What a pain! I’m going to guess August 13 – Darn bureaucrats and their red tape!
Heather… send me an email with your address.. and I’ll send you your prize!!

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