>Wandering around the the ‘hood…


It was another ‘hot’ day… we had a bit of a lazy sleep in.. and after a quick bite of lunch.. we headed out to take a walk around the ‘legislative building’…
Our first stop was to see the Polar Bears!!
They looked harmless enough.. so Meg went in for a hug!
I also decided it was ‘safe’ enough for a hug!
…Meg decided to help hold up the Inuksuk!
But she looked VERY cool doing it!
Good old Louis….
A view from the south side of the building.. (or as I like to say.. the BACK!)
A view from the ‘side’…
Meg took this one!
..at the ‘front’ or the North Side of the building… Meg is striking a pose on the steps… can you see her?
..tryin to stay cool in the heat!
Another shot of Meg at the front of the buildings…. (can you see her?)
We decided to see if we could ‘enter’ the buildings.. and we could! There was no cost… and we were able to ‘wander’ as we pleased…(I like Manitoba because I think the rules at ‘Queens Park’ are slightly different!) We were told that there was a tour that was going on.. which if we ‘bump’ into.. we were welcome to join…(which we did.. and ended up getting to see INSIDE the chamber–where the members sit and all the ‘magic’ happens!)…but I’m getting ahead of myself…
Here’s Meg, she’s sportin’ our ‘visitor’ badge.. there’s one per group!
This is the dome that is below the tower..
(above the tower is a second dome..and above that is where the “Golden Boy” sits!)
This is also below that dome.. looking down.. this star is freaky.. it follows you around  (no matter what side of the circle you are on!) AND if you stand in the basement.. and start to talk… it’s like you are using a microphone… (I tried… Meg did too.. but it didn’t work the same for her as it did for me…)
Just looking at the cool architecture..
Meg in the Chamber…


Me in the Chamber…
The Mace… on display for the summer in the chamber.. usually it’s kept in the Speaker’s office when the house isn’t sitting!
The other really cool thing we got to see was the Magna Carta…
On a rare trip from England, where it is kept!!
…this old, old document…
Meg was pretty excited to see it in person…. 🙂
Also on display was the ‘corner’stone that the Queen unveiled in her visit on July 3rd to Winnipeg… it is going to reside at the Museum of Human Rights when it opens in 2012! But for now it’s on display here…
Just chill’n… (we enjoyed the air conditioning of the building!)

..a quick self-portrait…(excuse the ‘wide’ angle look of the shot)

I couldn’t take enough photos of the inside of this building.. it’s really really really pretty, and also was pretty empty and quiet!
…Me striking a pose..
Outside Meg, met the 5 women responsible for getting the vote in Canada.. but they were pretty busy signing paperwork.. so there wasn’t much conversation that happened!
One last shot of the two of us outside on the lawn… (we almost got blown away!)
After doing some running around… we came home and I cooked dinner (yes, I do cook at times…) and then Meg really wanted to head back over to Baked Expectations for dessert.. and well I wasn’t one to say NO! 🙂 We decided to eat there…
Meg ordered the ‘Apple Raisin Pie’ with EXTRA whipped cream!!!

..that thing was GINORMOUS!!!

I ordered… the “crazy chocolate cake”
 (which had chocolate cheese cake, chocolate cake and chocolate mousse in it.. as well as being ‘covered’ in choc. icing…)
 can we say CHOCOLATE over kill… but it didn’t kill ME, I killed IT!!!!
mmmm root bear float… (one of the first times I have remembered having one!!)
That was the perfect way to end an amazing day! Thanks so much for suggesting it Meg!!  I have so enjoyed spending time with you this past week… it was fun to have someone along for the ride back to Manitoba!  It was also awesome to be able to show you my house.. and where I live!!  Thanks for an awesome road trip/vacation… I’m going to miss you!!! (can’t wait til you come back again!!) 
Safe travels home to Ontario tomorrow!!
luv ya, Sar

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  1. >I had completely forgotten about crazy chocolate cake until this very second. Another thing to add to my list of things I miss about MB! (I still don't miss the mosquitoes)

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