I’m still alive… just been extremely busy of late, and it looks like this week is kind of crazy as well! I suppose that’s what happens when you are done your holidays and back at work?!  I will be posting photos from Columbia…sooner than later.. (need to sort out a few logistics, they are now all edited…)  but here’s a ‘teaser’ until then!

Finally decided to sport the head-brella…
(that is after I spent time dancing in the rain in the street of Arjona, Columbia!)
Good Memories!

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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  1. >Its too bad you left Nunavut, your blog has become boring and predictable as your life has…the only excitement is when you travel.Thanks for your incites and precious moments you shared when you were up north and enjoy being just another face in the crowd.

  2. >I think it's really silly to 'hide' behind anonymous comment…after spending 5mins on my blog… I'm sure that this commenter has never left niagara falls area…and is just insanely jealous of my life and my experiences!..the funny thing to me is, the when you write about every day things and u live in Nunavut…… it's 'fun, unique, fresh, new and awesome" but you write about those same things… about life in the south… well it just doesn't have the same kind of effect!

  3. >hey buddy!!! that last post on your trip was really great. You had some seriously sweet shots in there good on ya !

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