>Smelling like Smoke…

>and loving it!!!  There’s nothing like smelling like a campfire!  This weekend I was out at Camp Manitou (just west of Winnipeg)…at the first ever Nature Summit!  I had a blast… The weather was wet and cold..but if you dress right–you don’t really notice the elements…

I got to walk barefoot in my morning session…where we ‘explored the outdoors with all 5 senses’…learning out to walk quietly so we can ‘sneak’ up on animals and people!  (I love to be without shoes-even if my feet was were muddy afterwards!)

…I went zip lining in the rain!  just getting all hooked in!
It was way fun….even though it was VERY short ride!
Taking a shot of one of the others having a turn!
Campfires ROCK!  that’s all I have to say… (even though it was way smokey and way windy)… a guitar, and singing… and fire what more do you need?!
Oh yes, MARSHMALLOWS… that’s also a mandatory thing at a campfire!
First you need to roast them… which tonight was a bit hard.. because the sticks were so darn short… and the wind was whipping around changing direction… (at one point I thought I’d catch on fire…)
ahhhh yes, the s’more.. that’s worth the ‘almost getting caught on fire’ any time in my book!!
Here are some other pics from Saturday and Sunday!!
A hawk… (I think)… saw this Sunday morning before breakfast!
I think from the site of the trees, and the geese and the feeling in the air…

…fall is here my friends, are you ready for it!?

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  1. >great shots! looks like an amazing weekend!

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