>A very busy, yet fun filled weekend!!


This is the first of three posts about my weekend… I did a lot of fun stuff this weekend… On Friday night I headed north, out of the city of Winnipeg to Candeboye! Along the way I got to see the sunset… it was way fun to see how FLAT the landscape truly is…

 I was running a bit behind, I had been talking to my mum on the phone…and then stopped on the way for something to eat… and by the time I hit the gravel road I was suppose to be on to get to my final destination it was really dark.. and I had a moment of ‘I hope I’m in the right place, because I’m on a gravel road in the middle of no-where…and my cell reception is going in and out!’ but have no fear I was on the right road, and did find my final destination, alright… even though I was fashionably late! 

…Here’s a fun photo of the final road I travelled, gravel… and well fuzzy but kind of cool!

 Why did I travel up to Clandeboye on a Friday evening? Well it was the first Home Routes House Show of the 2010-2011 season at one of my co-worker, Conni’s house!  You might wonder what is a ‘Home Routes House Show’? (don’t worry I also wondered at first!)… Basicly a group organizes artists to come to houses for concerts, the hosts provide a place for the artists to sleep…and there is a ‘series’ of houses on the tour… All in all it’s a pretty cool idea… Conni and her family are starting their 3rd season of hosting! 

On Friday night, Brock Zeman was there accompied on the guitar by Blair Hogan.  I wasn’t sure what to expect… but I was not disapointed!! Brock and Blair did two sets… and kept us entertained with their music and sense of humour! 

 Blair had some ‘mad’ skills on the guitar….

Overall, I had a fabulous experience… I can’t wait until the next show… they happena bout once a month, and there are all kinds of different acts! 

Thanks Conni, Brent and Joe for inviting me… can’t wait until the next time…

I’m going to leave you with one of songs that Brock sang in the evening… enjoy!

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  1. >Thanks for coming out to the show. You were brave to venture beyond the perimeter and into the wilds of Manitoba's Interlake!!

  2. >We have similar shows in Haliburton organized by the local Folk Society. They are fun and very cozy by the nature of the show such as venue and limited number of guests.

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