>Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games!)


Normally I don’t post or talk about music…most of my friends know that I often ask them to give me mixed CDs or ‘give’ me new groups to listen to… because I personally don’t go out in ‘search’ of music…. but lately I’ve been attempting to change this… and THIS song has been STUCK in my head…
I came across it on one of the blogs I read frequently…and well wanted to leave it here for you listening pleasure!  I like it because Antarctica is somewhere I do want to go…. and well it has a catchy beat…Often I play it in my office at work REALLY really REALLY loud once everyone else leaves…. (maybe I’m pretending…) Let me know what you think? (and I’m sure that for some of you readers out there this is not some “NEW” song or group… but well to me it is, and this is MY blog!)
I will at update about the rest of my Thanksgiving weekend…once I download my photos! 

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

Posted on October 12, 2010, in music, random. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. >Well, it's new to me. šŸ™‚ It's… interesting. Kinda loopy. lol. Catchy, I suspect. šŸ™‚

  2. >I'll send you one soon. Promise

  3. >It's catchy!And, though unsolicited, here are a couple of other groups to suss out: Hey Rosetta and Library Voices. Oh, and Brasstronaut. All Canadian and all quirky.

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