>Brought to you by the letter I…

>Everyone knows that the way to a girl’s heart is through IKEA right?

Shortly after I arrived in Winnipeg I was crazy shocked to find out that there is no IKEA here.  The closest ones are in Minneapolis approx 8.5 hours and a boarder crossing away! Calgary, approx. a 15 hour trek… or Edmonton about 16 hours.  (these times were given to me by a friend… so if they are wrong.. it’s not my fault!)  Although there has been a sod turning, and at some point in Winnipeg’s future there WILL be a store here.  These facts did not help the fact that I was without bookshelves!  (I sold them when I left Nunavut!)  I was pretty upset, even on Craigslist and Kijji I couldn’t find the coveted IKEA stuff I wanted!  (I did manage to find my RED inserts to the shelf I wanted…but alas… no SHELF could be found in the city…that people did want to give up!)

I know I could have ordered it online to be shipped to me…but the shipping cost just over the cost of the shelf… I just couldn’t justify paying more in shipping than what the shelf originally cost!  On a side note, a blogging friend, Jordan,  in Iqaluit recently tried to order a sofa from IKEA… check HERE to find out his delivery cost… yes, 1 billion dollars!!! Another northern blogger, Townie Bastard, (one of the god fathers of northern blogging) has picked up the story.. and apparently it’s been on APTN…click out that blog HERE….

So my shipping wasn’t exactly that much…but still I waited… and waited… and mentioned it a friend that I knew drove occasionally through Calgary…. and past an IKEA! Then became the standard joke, he’s say I’m going to Calgary, and I’d txt him… Ikea? Ikea is a great place!? you should go there… etc…

Well Ryan FINALLY made my day when I received a photo txt of the front of the IKEA store!!!  (this happened on a really rough week (Oct. 18-23).. I was going through a lot personally…and well this news that my IKEA shelf that I wanted was being purchased…and on it’s way back to ME in Winnipeg… was awesome!)

I drove over on Thursday October 21st to Ryan’s to pick up my shelf, hoping that it would fit in Milo…there were 3 boxes all about 6 feet long!  That’s when the fun started!!!!

 One box in… 2 more to go!!! Ryan picked up the shelf on Monday morning, (after driving all night)… then had to put them in his truck on his bunk… and slept on them for about 3 nites… so my shelf got to go to Vancouver and back…. Thanks Ryan… your extra special delivery has helped make my house more a home here in Winnipeg!!!

 Yes, I lugged the boxes too!!!

I couldn’t contain my excitement!!!

My Expedit (still can’t pronounce that) shelf was HERE in Winnipeg!!!

 Ryan also brought me what he referred to as my “IKEA Porn”… aka the IKEA 2011 Catalogue!

 …hmmmm I think I found something else? Think you can bring this back? hehehe (he did say as long as it fits on the 2nd seat, he might be willing to make another trip for me!)

After we got all the boxes in my car… I left Ryan at his house and headed back to mine.. not 100% sure how I would get all three boxes out of Milo and into my apartment!  I was lucky… as I pulled up I saw our assistant super.. and asked him if he could give me a hand… he did, and even put the elevator on service so it was quick and easy!!! 

I left the boxes on the floor of my apartment for 2 1/2 days… and on Sunday I decided it was time to put the shelf together… I cleared away the furniture, got a big enough floor space to put it together…. and then started assembling it…

adding more boards, and pegs…

Then came the screwing in the top boards…..(have to love the IKEA do-hickies that screw things together eh?)

 So I had my shelf assembled on the floor… and there was NO way I was picking that guy up… it was HEAVY and HUGE (6 feet by 6 feet)… So what does a single girl do? Well she goes knocking trying to find someone available on a Sunday afternoon to help lift up the shelf…. I didn’t find “laundry boy” but did find the man across the hall that came in to help me lift it up!  And volia!!!

The Before….

And the AFTER…

I have since unpacked those last 4 boxes of books.. and filled up the shelves… All in all, I’m a very happy woman!!! Every time I look at it… it brings a smile to my face… who would have thought that all it could take was a little IKEA shelf…. now there’s just fact that I need bedside tables… Ryan, when isyour next trip to Calgary? hehehe…

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  1. >LMAO – Ikea porn. hahaha. Hilarious pictures in this post. I almost fell off my chair. 😀 I have this shelf too! LOVE IT!!!! Yay for IKEA (when it doesn't cost a billion $ for shipping…. oy!!)Looks awesome too! 😀

  2. >when is the next trip!!!

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