>Home Routes Take 2…

>Well, I’ve been going through photos…and realized I never blogged about another “Home Routes House Concert” I went to back at the end of October…  I went to one early October.. and blogged about it HERE!

On October 30th, I headed north of the perimeter to Conni and Brent’s house for another concert!  I brought a friend with me this time…so I was lucky, I didn’t have to drive!

This time I was able to make it in time for the opening act… Brentin, Barry, Terry and Joe warmed up the crowd !!!

…I only took a few photos…partly because it was so dark, and I think flash is evil…(and there was just too much blur happening…) and partly because the room was so full, and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, and not on the performers! 
But I do like this shot…

The ‘pre-show’ was amazing… and then we had a brief break before Lynne Hanson the main act came on to perform…  as I write this I’m listening to one of her cds…and am brought back to that night! 

Lynne got up and quietly started to share her stories at first with words, then with her songs…but she had amazing stage presence….

Most of my friends who know me know that I don’t actively go out in search of new music, styles, to listen too… I just get stuck in ruts, listen to what’s on the radio, or what friends listen too.. that’s what I’m really enjoying about these concerts is finding new stuff to listen too!  I’m getting to hear some pretty awesome music that I never would have heard in my own little ‘bubble’!  I’m happy to say that Lynne has joined that ‘bubble’ of  music I like! 

I’m not 100% sure if it was my frame of mind…but her music really spoke to me that night!  Something about the words and stories was something I could relate too…and its something I can’t quite put into words. But what I will do is leave you all with one of the songs Lynne sang… “Rest of My Days”

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