>O Christmas Tree… O Christmas Tree…


Today I put up my Christmas Tree… having a December birthday my whole life, at some point there was an ‘unspoken’ rule in our house.. “No Christmas trees up til AFTER my birthday.” Thinking back, we always had real trees, so it probably made sense to put them up after December 13th..so they would last until the New Year!  Well today I broke away from that tradition, I figured it was time to put it up! 
I didn’t get a chance to put up this tree last year.   This was because all my stuff was in storage in Toronto..and I was living up in Nunavut!  Instead on my birthday weekend in Iqaluit–I bought myself this HUGE tree…and decorated it with what I had… *you can see that HERE
Without any further ado, I give you my Christmas 2010 TREE!!!!
One of the things I’ve done for ages, is when I travel… I always seem to get a Christmas ornament. Last year was only one of 2 Christmas’ I have ever been away from my family… So, while I was at a craft sale in Iqaluit…I met a lady who made these ornaments..out of caribou bone… (I had her put Pangnirtung (instead of Iqaluit) and on the other side… it has 2009 and my name on it!!!)

The other Christmas I spent away from home was Christmas 2003…(wow seems like YESTERDAY!)…but I picked up this ‘Santa ridin’ a kangaroo with a swag’ while I was living down under!

Different view… from later tonight…oh it looks so pretty!!!
The weather here in Winnipeg is definitely nippy… it was -22C plus a wind chill… but that seems just about right to me… can’t have a ‘warm’ Christmas now can we!?
PS… did I tell you it’s only 6 more sleeps til I’m back in Ontario for the holidays?!

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