>Cheers to another year!


On my Birthday, I went out  to dinner at a Thai Place… with some of my friends that I work with!  It was a great night..in the midst of our crazy work/holiday/schedules…(some friends couldn’t make it and I understand-part of the joys of having a birthday in December, it’s a busy month!)…
can you guess which one is mine?
I took time for a little ‘self’ portrait!  It’s really hard for me to think I’m another year older…but for now… I’m just thankful that I’m healthy, happy and content with life… I have great friends, and family–what more could a girl ask for? I have a job I love… and I’m constantly having new adventures… I can’t wait to see what adventures come my way this next year!  
I thought I had taken a photo of my food that night… but apparently I didn’t!? BUT I did get a shot of my dessert!!! There was no ‘traditional’ cake..but who needs that when you have deep fried banana goodness on vanilla ice cream!!! (sooooo yummy!, and Yes, I did share!)

 Here we all are.. some of my ‘peeps’ in the ‘peg!!! I’m so glad I have met you, and get to work with you!

Thanks again ladies for making my birthday EXTRA special!!! It was so much fun to have dinner with you!  We should do it more regularly… not just for birthday occasions!! 🙂

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This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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