>Love Actually is all Around…

>My friends Emily and Chris hosted a party last night… Their idea was(as quoted by Emily) “to start a living tradition – the annual gathering of friends and watching of the movie “Love, Actually.” And we are going to do this whilst wearing our ugliest sweaters. (Extra points if it’s festive. Prize for the winner.)”  I took the Greyhound up from Toronto to be able to arrive in time!!

cute sign for the party on the sketchy door to the apartment!

 Emily and Chris had made chili, had popcorn (with seasonings to add)…and a large variety of drinks! (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!)

 Emily stirring.. the ‘purple stew’?! not quite although it was purple….

 It was Hot Spiced Wine is this year’s ‘house beverage.’ Think red wine with delicious Christmas flavour! And I got to use this AWESOME mug…

 Emily with two friends from university days!

 Here we are in our ‘festive’ sweaters… mine wasn’t too festive.. so I visited the dollar store, and found some extras to add on… Emily really liked the Santa!

Hanging out ..pre-viewing of the movie…. you can see “Bruce the spruce” Emily and Chris’ awesome tree!!!

Everyone except me, and the two French guys…

 Then the winners for the best  ugliest festive sweaters were announced….

3rd Runner Up….
2nd Runner Up….

My sweater stats: 100% made in Canada–it is a “Prince Bellini”; had a leather strip amongst that ‘scratchy’, itchy yarn…
$3.50 at Value Village
+$3.50 spent at the dollar store
= $6.00 of pure holiday festive sweater awesomeness

1st Runner Up…

Just in case you didn’t see the back, and realized that there was some Christmas happening there!

The Winner!!

 Then we decided to do a random photo shoot for anyone that wanted photos in their sweaters…

 I think this could be in the running for a friends 2011 Christmas Card…

 Emily and I… posing by the book case… (at this point I just wanted to get the ‘itchy’ sweater off my body!! soon after this I did!)…

Emily and Chris… thanks for being such wonderful hosts…and starting this tradition! I can’t wait until next year… I’m keeping my eyes out for ‘better’ festive gear!!! Merry Christmas guys, and remember Love is… all around!

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