It’s the day before Christmas… and outside of my mum’s house!
Two little boys and an Auntie… went hunting for tracks…
Here are some photos from that delightful romp…
(as Samuel had asked for just 6 more minutes–and indeed he got them)!
There was some shoveling of the deck… clearing off the ice chunks…

“Aunt Sarah, I’m very busy… we have lots of work to do!” exclaimed Samuel!

 I’m not sure Benjamin could see much out of his hat… I seem to remember taking shots of him at his first birthday with his summer hat.. and it had the same issues.. perhaps that’s just the way he likes to wear them!

 “Look at me… zoom so fast!” said Benjamin…

 I had had been outside only with my barefeet in sandals… but then Samuel came to the door… and who could say no to a face like that!  (I did put on my snow pants, socks, coats etc… and then the story continued!!)

 My mum got these awesome shovels… and the boys really love them!

 ..see he does have eyes!! 😉

I’m going to get you….. (yes, Aunt Sarah sometimes might be a tickle monster!)


Our first discovery… the pumpkin… (left for the deer to eat…) but we decided to bury it with more snow…

 A quick shot of all three of us… but the adventure must go on!

 I’m not sure if Benjamin knew at this moment that Samuel was about to dump a shovel full of snow on his head!!!

 He turned and said, “No, not on Ben-man!” and Samuel listened…

 Near the river that goes into the lake.. we found tracks… after some discussion we decided to follow the ones going back towards the house.. because it’s not safe to go onto the river, or lake. 

 Benjamin kept getting ‘stuck’… this involved him sitting down in the snow… declaring himself stuck, then Samuel coming to ‘shovel’ him out…. quite a fun and exciting game they have created for themselves…

 Snow on the face is CHILLY!!!

 At the end of the adventure….

It was a fun and exciting afternoon… with more to come as the day progresses…
with a caroling service… snacks and fun games! 
Hope you and yours have a delightful evening…
Because you know who comes tonight,
after we are all snug in our beds… with visions of MacBook Pros, 60′ LCD TVs, iPhone 4’s (not all mine… some are my families)…dancing in our heads!!
Don’t be alarmed when you hear that clatter on your roof… its just that jolly old Saint Nick…
“Merry Christmas to you!”

About SarahontheRoad

This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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  1. >These are wonderful Sar!!!

  2. >looks like a fantastic day!

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