Sickness and Renos…


Yup, that’s the first thing on the list to talk about… I must admit, last week I was sick. You might think–it’s the flu, but it wasn’t. On Jan 7th–the day after my jury duty (where I sat in a court room with 70 other people, and a woman in the row in front of me hacked up a lung all day)… I started to cough… it was just a dry cough… kind of left me unsatisfied when I did cough–because I felt like I should actually cough with a purpose.  Well I continued on the weekend to have this ‘dry’ cough…. Monday and Tuesday nights–I remember waking up in the middle of the night with a fever, bed sheets wet…and looking in the mirror red stripes across my cheeks… (I took some meds and went back to sleep.) It’s on Wednesday that my cough started to add a bit of nasty to it… I ended up leaving a staff meeting coughing.  You see sometimes when I cough, I start to whoop–or sound a bit like I have croup…and then comes the wheezing/gasping for air..because I can’t actually breathe.  (side note: when I was 21 I was actually incubated in a critical care unit for a weekend because I was coughing, and basically lost my airway).  So after work I went to the doc…got some antibiotics..and a stern note that if my cough didnt’ go away, or got any worse–I had to go to the ER immediately. I must admit that freaked me out a lot.  I stopped at a coworkers house and told her what the doc said.. and then asked if I could call her in the night… to go to the ER if I had to go.. she agreed. (Luckily I didn’t have to go…) but I spent literally the rest of the week coughing so much my ribs hurt!  Thankfully with antibiotics, plenty of rest, and fluids… I’m on the mend… Just need my energy levels to build up again!  I’m so thankful for my friends who dropped by with food…and came to chill on the couch with me…
So on Wednesday… I found out that I was finally getting my new counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as new floors!  I’ve been waiting a long time for it! When I moved in the assistant super (who is no longer here).. said I’d be getting a new bathroom floor in the coming months…(but that never happened)…this fall I asked about it.. and told them about the kitchen counter top.  A work order was done.. and presto! a home reno.. that I didn’t have to directly pay for…. I just wanted to share some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for you….
Kitchen BEFORE: (it’s hard to tell how ‘nasty’ that counter top was….it had a bit of green in the pattern)…
Kitchen AFTER: ( I love the darker colours…bc it makes the room actually warmer.. and well without any paint… it looks good!)…

 The ‘icky’ counter top… that was chipped and banged and disgusting….

Brand NEW!!! 🙂 (sadly not granite…but still pretty snazzy)

 Bathroom… BEFORE: (please excuse my random bathroom bottles!) But do take note of the nasty, water stain by the toilet…that was there BEFORE I moved in a year ago… and is not just a ‘shadow’…but random water stain…

Bathroom: AFTER! I’m sooo excited… doesn’t it look AMAZING!!!! (and those really silly white ’tiles’ are GONE!)… yahoo!!!

 Bathroom: BEFORE…

Bathroom: AFTER!  I was really lucky… because the kitchen floor was still OK; but the bathroom needed replacing.. and management in my building likes to do both at the same time… so I got the NEW floor that I needed in the bathroom, and matching floor in my kitchen.  I needed a new counter top in the kitchen–but same story in the bathroom they replaced it with the same stuff! 

 I had to almost ‘beg’ for the new kitchen counter top…. after they took out the sink I took these photos!…

 Can you believe that they just wanted to cock and add a ‘sealer’ around the faucet?…. it was ROTTED right through!

*this photo was taken outside in the hallway of the counter top… it’s hard to see..but man was that counter top rotted AND mouldy!
I’m really excited that I had this work done… the kitchen and bathroom counters and floors have always been a ‘sore’ spot for me… but NOW they are sooo new… When I came home tonight, my first day back, exhausted… I smiled and cheered when I saw the floors had been finished!!!!
Now I just have to get the energy to wipe out the bottom cupboards, and put away the dishes that I had to take out! (although they do look kind of cool in my living room LOL)…
On another note… I was looking back at what life was like early 2010… I posted about camping out in my living room, on an air mattress–with no internets or cable… how far I’ve come in a year!! (You can look back and read about that HERE.)

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