you come across a problem that you need to solve.  Tonight’s had to do with ice-cream.  More specifically how I was going to get that last bit of the ice-cream, out of the carton without getting my hand all sticky-gooey?
This was quite the problem… and made me feel quite sad… I had a really busy day, and NEEDED that ice-cream as a late almost bedtime snack!  (note: ice-cream does not usually = late bed time snack; just on rare occasions, this is not a nightly ritual!)

please disregard the black circles under my eyes!

 When I was a kid growing up… there was a SIMPLE solution to this problem! I’d sneak into my mum’s china cabinet… pull open the silver ware drawer… and grab one of the fancy extra LONG handled spoons… (I call them ICE CREAM SPOONS–but I think they have another more proper name..) These spoons were PERFECT for digging out the end-of-the-carton-ice-cream without making your hand a sticky-gooey-mess… AND had the bonus of no BOWL to wash after! Sadly, I do not own a china cabinet…or the proud owner of ICE CREAM SPOONS… so I had to do some problem solving, yep… I can be a GOOD problem solver, when I put my mind to it. 

You just have to grab your kitchen scissors… and cut off the box… let’s face it at this point you KNOW you will finish off that last bit… so WHY not cut off the bottom, grab your spoon….

 Volia! you have solved the problem of how to reach that ‘unreachable’ ice cream that was stuck in the bottom of the carton… AND you don’t have to even wash up a dish, minus a normal spoon….

 These two facts alone put that smile on my face……

So there you have it… I can be a problem solver if I need to be… nothing will keep me from getting my ice-cream…and I don’t even have sticky hands after it’s done!
In other exciting news… I’m in a bit of a ‘count-down’… only 7 more sleeps till my Mum is in town!!! I can’t wait, I’m glad she’s decided to come vacation in February in tropical Winnipeg!  (Although today the high was -2C and this weekend it’s suppose to stay ‘warm’…but I’m sure by next week we’ll be back to those seasonal temps…. of minus a bazillion… make your snot freeze when you walk from the car to your house—(bring it on! I actually like that!)

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  1. >Now you went and did it, make me go out to go to the store for ice cream. Hate when that happens. Yum.

  2. >great problem solving skills!

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