Queen of the Hill…


Just found these photos from my phone that I took at the end of last week…

They are pretty weird photos… just snow piles around the parking lot at work.But they have a bit more meaning to me than that!  But early last week every morning and night as I walked past these snow piles… my mind slipped back into the past…and memories of recess at my public school…

That’s when a pile of snow would transform into anything we wanted it to… Often it became a test of who could race to the top of the hill…and then stay… Oh the games of king/queen of the hill..
Other times it wasn’t as violent… but more a spot to stop and create steps, and/or caves in the side of the huge hill…and get lost in the fantasy world my friends and I would create… 
On Friday, it was way warm.. (around +2C) and the snow banks were starting to diminish in size… I took these photos… wishing that I had taken the time earlier in the week to RUN up to the top of the hill. It would have been better because the snow would have been still solid—because of the crazy cold temps!  Maybe next big snow… I’ll be going out there, and reaching the top…perhaps I might even shout… I’m the Queen of the Hill…of course just for old times sake! 


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