Music is the best therapy…


Monday Night I headed north to Clandaboye to Conni and Brent’s house for a House Show… it was so cold outside.. I was in a crazy grumpy mood–ask Ryan…but once the music started.. my grumpiness slowly started to fade…and was replaced with a smile..
Our opening act was Gabbi and Joe… it was my first time to hear/see Gabbi sing.. she has an amazing voice, and presence on stage! 

 and a shot of Joe…

 Tonight.. the main act was the “Sultans of String“… “Sultans of String are Canada’s ambassadors of musical diversity. The band romps through an energized adventure of Latin, Gypsy-jazz, Middle Eastern and folk rhythms, celebrating musical fusion and human creativity with warmth and virtuosity…” was how Lynn Thompson described the group after a show.  I’ll be honest, it wasn’t my typical go-to-listen kind of music… but that’s the thing that I love about going to these House Shows… I get to see/hear stuff I’d never pick for myself!

Tonight only two of the five members of the “Sultans of String” were in Clandaboye… I can’t imagine what a show with ALL of the members would be.. because having only 2… was amazing!!

Here’s Chris McKhool…

and Kevin Laiberte…
Check out the YouTube link… This song was “written as a tribute to Luna (First Nation name Tsux iit), the famous killer whale in the Nootka Sound near Vancouver Island.   The Mowachaht/ Muchalaht First Nation belived him to be a reincarnation of their late chief Ambrose Maquinna, who said that after he passed away he would come back as a killer whale to bring them traditional teachings.  Four days after his death, Luna showed up.  This song goes out to the spirit of this beautiful whale” (from Luna, Sultans of Sting)…
As this was played last night.. I could totally close my eyes and HEAR the whale calling… it was so beautiful….it reminded me of THIS day.. and the first time I saw and her Bow Head Whales playing in the Cumberland Sound…
I love coming to the House Shows…but they are always challenging for me to take photos, but that’s not really why I go…but it’s still a bit of a game to see if I can get a decent shot of the performer–with the lighting/ motion… but I always surprise myself! It’s pretty dark…and I try to take the shots without flash.. so that makes it always interesting!

…this shot was exciting..because another camera’s flash lite my shot! (and I totally didn’t see Conni about to take the photo as I did… pretty neat….)

I’ve included this song… because it made me smile… I could totally picture the sunrise in Auyuittuq National Park.. (I’ve been there see HERE, HERE or HERE)… I looked at the Pang Pass…out of my living room window for a whole year!  So I’ve attached a few photos from my days living just south of the arctic circle for you to look at…. as you listen to the next YouTube clip!

Sunset… June 20, 2009… longest day of the year… (this was taken about midnight on the top of Mt. Duval!)

Self portrait… top of Mt. Duval… June 20, 2009…

From my trip to the Auyuittuq National Park… (unfortunately, the sun did not rise nor set on this trip! was covered in fog/snow!)

Leaving the Park.. the sun started to show itself…

Thanks Chris and Keven for sharing your amazing music… you look like you have as much fun in the making of it… as I did in the hearing of it! 🙂


Thanks again Conni and Brent for opening up your house…it was an awesome night! Sarah

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