Happy 5th Birthday Samuel…

>Dear Samuel,

It seems like yesterday that I got a phone call from your Daddy that your Mommy was about to have you at the hospital.  I think I spent all that night knitting.  I was determined to finish the sweater I had been making for you, before you arrived! I finished sewing on the last button when your Daddy called and told me that I was an Aunt…and you Samuel had arrived!  I got to see you two days later… and I instantly fell in love! It’s been so fun to see you grow the past 5 years…

Every day you are growing.. and today you are FIVE!!!

One of the canvas’ that you painted… I put the one that came back to Winnipeg above my desk at my office!

I hope you have a very happy day today at school, I hear you get to wear a special birthday crown!
(was it like this one?)
Happy Birthday to YOU…
HAPPY birthday to YOU…
HaPpY bIrThDaY dear SAMUEL…
Happy Birthday to you!!
Lots of luv,
Aunt Sarah

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