>New Directions….



[ad-ven-cher]  noun, verb, -tured, -tur·ing.



an exciting or very unusual experience.

participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: thespirit of adventure.

a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action ofuncertain outcome.

If you know me you know I love a good adventure… and I’m about to embark on a new one…  

In mid-July I will be moving… heading back to a community that has not been far from my heart since leaving at the end of 2009… Don’t get me wrong I will miss Winnipeg as it has begun to FINALLY feel like home! I have made some amazing friends and had some amazing experiences here… and memories to keep forever! And believe you me in the next few weeks I’ll be adding on MORE experiences and memories to my Winnipeg memory bank! 🙂 
As a rule I don’t talk about my employment or what ‘job’ I do… if you know me, and want to know contact me privately and I’d be happy to share this information with you privately!  
Have you guessed where I’m going? 
Does this look familiar?
I’m heading back to Pangnirtung, Nunavut!  I’m excited and can’t wait… for the next chapter of my Nunavumiut Story to begin!  
Canadian North plane leaving for Qik…
In the meantime I have a lot of planning, packing and sorting to do!!!  As well as finishing up my current job!! 🙂 
I can’t wait to bring you all along on this adventure with me… I will continue to blog, and have been working on a new site and will post it here when it’s ready to view! 
On a sad note… I need to sell Milo!  Anyone need a car? SERIOUSLY contact me ASAP!!! 
Hope everyone is enjoying the FANTASTIC spring weather Winnipeg has been having the past few days!! Go have a picnic or take a walk or bike ride!!  

About SarahontheRoad

This blog is a spot to record my adventures in life while living where ever I may be!

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  1. >yep. going to be a grand adventure!!! good luck!!!

  2. >Ya!!! Was waiting for the news!!! I have to say that I am a bit jealous – as much as Corey and I talk about returning north, I know it won't be super soon, if ever…I'm going to live vicariously through you!!! Good luck with all the move preparations!!

  3. >Yay! I'm glad to have the news be public! Let me know if I can do anything for you on this end. See you soon!

  4. >Thanks Everyone!! 🙂 I am excited…but the planning has just begun… (8more weeks!)

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